Open source Snow Plow Robot

A snowplow is a device intended for mounting on a vehicle, used for removing snow and ice from outdoor surfaces, typically those serving transportation purposes.Since we are not insensitive to solutions making life easier, we have considered the idea of creating and proposing something that could help us avoid the cold and fatigue of using the usual manual shovel and at the same time, we opted not to replicate something already available but a new fun and technologic device. We, therefore, decided to start developing a Snowplow Robot, remotely controlled, proudly showing a robust mechanics and fine electronics all implemented with cards easily available on the market.
The result is a miniature version of a true snowplow, caterpillar tracks, with blade and light projector mounted on top to light the way in the dark; everything is controlled by a remote control from the PlayStation 2. Let us see how our caterpillar robot is assembled, starting from the mechanics and then describing the electronics and firmware that is necessary.

Initially it was thought to assemble the entire structure creating an aluminum tubular frame held together by corner brackets, but given the high mechanical stresses and the robustness required, we decided to use for the base four tubular iron (rectangular section) welded together, thus obtaining a rectangle by 600×375 mm. its good to use alumina on SnowPlow Robot.

like all robots, SnowPlow Robot need electronics board and control system. Electrical and electronic part of the snowplow is based on Arduino Uno, hosting three shields and interfacing with:

  • Motor driver.
  • relays circuitry RELAY1CH.
  • DC/DC converter step up STEPUP30V.

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Here comes the open source Snow Plow Robot
The open source Snow Plow Robot